René is Chief Executive of The Inspired Leaders Network which was founded over a decade ago to bring the very best leaders to a hungry and expectant audience.

With a straightforward and compelling formula, ILN evening events offer a unique, ‘up close and personal’ chance to hear from some of the world’s most successful and inspiring leaders; providing genuine insight as they recount both their successes and their failures on their the way to the top

It’s the question that remains the most asked when it comes to leadership. But the truth is that leaders are neither born nor made. They are found.

Anybody can be a leader when the right opportunity arises but not everybody is ready to take up the challenge or is even able to spot the right opportunity.

After all, leadership is not a tangible skill; it cannot be learnt out of a textbook or on the internet. It needs to be witnessed firsthand. To be able to get up close and personal and learn from those that have “been there, done that” is the most rewarding and unforgettable leadership experience that you can ever have.

Enter the Inspired Leaders Network.

Across the course of the evening events throughout the year, guests get the opportunity to probe deeper and develop further their knowledge over a whole host of issues covering the entire business spectrum. Whether it is diversity, branding, communication, leadership in crisis, disaster recovery, technology, engagement, entrepreneurialism or advertising, there is enough on the agenda to please the most demanding of roles and the most ambitious of individuals.

But it’s not just the experts talking on the night.

Following on from their talk or interview, there is the unflinching, provocative and hugely revealing question and answer session.

And this is where the magic lies.

It is the chance for our guests to get what they truly want out of the evening and ask their own probing questions and express their opinions. It is an unrivalled and challenging learning curve for everyone involved; with plenty of time for networking and forging new business relationships, and a chance to reflect on everything that the evening has to offer over sumptuous drinks and canapés.

So come along and find out for yourself.
It could just be the competitive advantage you are looking for.