With a unique style that is dynamic, assertive, authoritative and interactive, René brings together the gravitas of blue chip business with the theatre of television and radio.

Combining insight and inspirational advice gained from spending time in boardrooms all over the world with a deft humour and charismatic presence learnt the hard way over the last decade in television studios and across the airwaves; René is a renowned business speaker everywhere from the UK and Europe to the US, Africa and Asia Pacific.

From leadership, cultural change and how to survive the recession through to preparing for the recovery and the need for exceptional times demanding exceptional leadership, his explosive and critical messages have seen him establish an unparalleled portfolio of clients from the biggest corporations across the globe.

Expertise & Focus

As the business world moves out of a sustained period of austerity, René specialises in helping many Blue Chip businesses chart a path for growth and a culture of enterprise.

René tailors every keynote to fit the actual challenges or opportunities faced by his clients – embracing regional differences and cultural nuances learned from his years of experience working across the globe.

Recent Keynotes

Manage a little less and Lead a little more

In recent times, a good enough management team, a good enough strategy, and a good enough brand, was good enough. This is no longer the case. The blunt instrument of Management alone just doesn’t cut it anymore. It is the time for Leadership, and Inspired Leadership at that.

Culture is more Powerful than Strategy

René will share his extensive experience and exposure to some of the worlds’ leading corporate cultures, telling his inspiring stories with his deft sense of humour whilst challenging everyone in the auditorium to think again about culture.

Collaboration is the New Leadership

“Nothing is best done alone anymore” – no one leader can make all the tough calls on their own anymore. In today’s unforgiving markets, every leader requires the support of a diverse and high performing team. Building a collaborative and collegiate culture demands a new approach to leadership and a change in mindset.

Gone Digital

René will share his ‘hands on’ experience and exposure of working with a diverse range of organisations that have either stalled on their digitisation strategy, or, are reaping the huge benefits of having taken a ‘Big Bang’ approach.

We are Stronger Together (Diversity and Inclusion)

René tackles the unsaid, the difficult and the downright uncomfortable with optimism and a positive outlook based on his powerful and sometimes crushing experiences. René will challenge, lead and support the audience to authentically embrace difference and benefit from it. This will not be about guilt or blame, but much more focused on the tangible benefits of an inclusive and diverse culture. If you think diversity is not for you, Rene will encourage you to think again.

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