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It’s Time to Skip a Generation

time to skip a generation

Our Youngers and Betters (part 2) The polarisation and tribalisation in today’s politics exacerbates a loss of confidence in the established parties. Increasingly, daily life is mediated less by the traditional and divisive political parties that continue to frustrate us from day to day, and much more by the connections and decisions that are made […]

Our Youngers and Betters (part 1)

new dawn for south africa

New Dawn for South Africa? It was truly a momentous occasion at the recent ANC’s five yearly congress, it could not have been more tense or intense. Cyril Ramaphosa, the Deputy President narrowly defeated Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, President Zuma’s former wife, whom the President had backed. The drama of the day became even more fraught with […]

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

Fear Uncertainty Doubt blog image

We all Need Something Positive to Believe In There are some moments in recent history that will stick with us forever; some memorable for all the right reasons, and others that divide a nation and drive an unhelpful atmosphere of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD). The Unexpected Brexit Result The whole Brexit referendum process was […]

Extraordinary Times Demand Extraordinary Leadership

Extraordinary Times Demand Extraordinary Leadership blog image

Managers Can Lead We were by the extraordinarily beautiful Lake Malawi, it was November 2016, the auditorium was silent and thoughtful, as all 40 attendees reflected on the 90 minutes they had just spent examining what is meant by Authentic Leadership. Here was a gathering of some of the most progressive leaders in Malawi, with […]

The Changing Role of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

The changing role of the CFO

The Technocrat There was a time not so long ago when the CFO was purely a technocrat and consequently unfairly derided as a simple ‘bean counter’. So those who passed their chartered accountancy exams looked forward to a career of being gleefully ‘narrow and deep’. In the times of certainty, they had very specific questions […]

Collaboration is the New Leadership

Nothing is Best Done Alone Anymore Business has become far too fast moving and markets are so much more unforgiving that CEOs require diverse viewpoints and experiences within their teams as a prerequisite for sustainable success. Absolutely everybody today understands why collaboration is a necessary part of every high performing culture. Sports teams have practised […]

What Does Britain Want In A Political Leader?

The insightful results from the recent BritainThinks survey is worth looking at from a slightly different lens. It’s telling that the top three attributes voters looked for from their political leaders are integrity, authenticity and empathy, with the top attribute from their previous survey, communication, dropping down the order. Engagement In our experience, integrity, authenticity […]

Spike Stories – What does Britain Want in a Political Leader [Podcast Episode 09]

What Does Britain Want in a Political Leader - podcast

Today we are going to answer that perennial question – what does Britain want in a Political Leader? Now, BritainThinks have just done a survey which looked at what is it we actually want in a political leader. When they did it last year, tear away number one was great communicators. Things have changed a […]

The Nasty Leader

the nasty leader featured image

The Killer Flaws of a Political Leader The recently published book, Betting the House: The Inside Story of the 2017 Election by Tim Ross & Tom McTague is a fascinating insight into the meltdown behind the failed snap election called by Theresa May. It perhaps shines a telling light on her inability to build or […]