Authentic Leadership

Authentic leadership is one of the most valuable leadership styles available to business leaders. Once the environment becomes more honest and authentic, colleagues become better motivated and ready for transformation. Therefore, when establishing a culture of Inclusion, authenticity becomes a key leadership attribute.

In a complex and uncertain world that demands constant learning and agility, Management alone is no longer enough. The best and most adaptable leaders are those who can create and build trust through honest and authentic communications. When colleagues can safely have these open and honest conversations, we see the power of Authentic Leadership in action:

  • Where everyone is able to bring their authentic self to work
  • Where colleagues are committed to each other’s success
  • Where colleagues have courage to openly share their vulnerabilities and seek support

The Authentic leadership is the art of accomplishing more than the science of Management says is possible.

Authentic Leadership Characteristics

Everyone can be a leader if they choose to be, and everyone has their own authentic leadership style. René identifies the most valuable characteristics needed to capitalise on leadership potential.

It all starts with you. We can all take some practical steps to becoming a more authentic leader:

  • Become comfortable with yourself first – be the same person in every aspect of your life. As circumstances change, values don’t.
  • Practice transparency – having the ability to share yourself a bit more openly with others.
  • Don’t be afraid to show emotion and feelings – vulnerability is a sign of strength, not a sign of weakness. 

The best authentic leaders are focused on providing something special for all their colleagues to belong to. This doesn’t happen by accident – it requires Authentic Leadership.

Authentic Transformational Leadership

René’s authentic transformational leadership performances is an approach that meets the demands of a new generation of customers, clients and a younger generation of colleagues. Given the new Inclusion agenda, and the well-intentioned public statements of support on Inclusion and ESG, we are seeing authentic transformational leadership as the essential key to the success of business transformation and positive cultural change. René provides case studies on where and how this works successfully too. This authentic leadership style ensures being values-led, especially at a time when our difference is our strength.

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