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Change Is Your Choice

Change Is Your Choice Ever since the tragedy of George Floyd last year, I have [...]

Everybody Deserves A Voice

Everybody Deserves A Voice London is not your city or my city, it is everybody’s [...]

Higher and Higher

5 Ways to Create an Inclusive Culture The technology division of Vodafone, like far too [...]

The Illusion of Inclusion

We Don’t See Things The Same I was meeting Priyanka’s mother for the first time, [...]

Where’s Rene?

BBC Children in Need Having worked with The Executive Team of BBC Children in Need [...]

Do Some of Your Employees Feel Invisible?

How to inspire and motivate your workforce Diversity and inclusion appear to be back in [...]

On the Journey to Diversity

African Development Bank Back in Abidjan, Ivory Coast with the African Development Bank (AfDB), I [...]

Do the Right Thing

Not Every Negative Action is Worth a Negative Reaction It was another typical winter morning [...]

Leaders tell stories, managers talk strategy

Here are edited extracts from my recent talk for Equatorial Coca Cola Bottling (ECCB) in Barcelona [...]