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Building A Special Team

As the old adage goes, time flies when you are having fun. It is amazing [...]

René Receives Honorary Doctorate

Education Is The Passport There is a time in our lives when we don’t quite [...]

Who Are You Listening To

Who Are You Listening To? As the late great Maya Angelou reminded us, “Not everyone [...]

Why Inclusion Matters To This CEO

Why Inclusion Matters To This CEO Leading a team is never about the glory of [...]

Change Is Your Choice

Change Is Your Choice Ever since the tragedy of George Floyd last year, I have [...]

Everybody Deserves A Voice

Everybody Deserves A Voice London is not your city or my city, it is everybody’s [...]

Clarity, Certainty and Hope

Clarity, Certainty and Hope Many have spoken about VUCA times, where it all becomes Volatile, [...]

Innovation for Continuation

Planning for the Future I had the privilege of being the host, compere and MC [...]

Soft Power is Smart Power

It’s More Than Academia I had just finished my address to the gathered officers of [...]

The Squandering of Soft Power

A New Age of Leadership There was a time when the people worked for the [...]