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Collaboration is the New Leadership

Nothing is Best Done Alone Anymore Business has become far too fast moving and markets are so much more unforgiving that CEOs require diverse viewpoints and experiences within their teams as a prerequisite for sustainable success. Absolutely everybody today understands why collaboration is a necessary part of every high performing culture. Sports teams have practised […]

Leaders Never Stop Practicing

On arrival, late in the evening at Copenhagen airport in Denmark, we looked forward to a long two-hour drive to the second city of Denmark, Odense. This is the birth place of Hans Christian Andersen and the venue for the ground breaking Thinkers50 event. Thinkers50 is a gathering of the world’s most prominent business thinkers. […]

What Does Britain Want In A Political Leader?

The insightful results from the recent BritainThinks survey is worth looking at from a slightly different lens. It’s telling that the top three attributes voters looked for from their political leaders are integrity, authenticity and empathy, with the top attribute from their previous survey, communication, dropping down the order. Engagement In our experience, integrity, authenticity […]

The Nasty Leader

the nasty leader featured image

The Killer Flaws of a Political Leader The recently published book, Betting the House: The Inside Story of the 2017 Election by Tim Ross & Tom McTague is a fascinating insight into the meltdown behind the failed snap election called by Theresa May. It perhaps shines a telling light on her inability to build or […]

The Only Way is Ethics

The Only Way is Ethics

We were always taught that Public Relations (PR) was the “the truth told well”. The recent dismissal of the London based PR agency, Bell Pottinger, from the UK’s Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA), which found them guilty of breaching its code of conduct went completely against that mantra. It concluded that the company’s work […]

I’m Getting Myself Out of My Way

Getting myself out of my way

My daughter and I were looking forward to watching the climax of the World Athletics Championships on TV, they were being hosted at London’s 2012 Olympic Stadium. However, she was also firmly fixated on getting her applications out for the internship that her PR degree demanded she serve for a minimum of 8 weeks as […]


Survivor blog post

“How bad have sales got to get before you consider resigning?” was the sharpest of introductions to our new non-executive director. He had just been appointed to our board by Cinven, the Private Equity (PE) house, which had backed our Management Buy Out (MBO) from the British-Dutch publishing conglomerate, Reed Elsevier. He had enquired ever […]

“Getting Engaged”

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Mission Impossible As the White House doors continually swing open to eject another ‘failed’ communications professional, is the job of advising a political leader on their communications indeed doable? Every leading politician, all over the world, is desperately trying to get their message out in the most distinctive, effective and positive way possible. But few […]

Girls Get Spike Best

girls get spike best

I had agreed to deliver a ten-minute address taken from my new book, Spike, to the pupils in Year 11 of Lilian Baylis Technology School in south London. As they gathered in the gym, they were smirking and laughing as we would expect teenagers to do. As I was introduced by Gary Phillips, the outstanding […]