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The Chief Engagement Officer

The days of the aloof but brilliant CEO, spending most of their time in long [...]

Spike! The Power and Simplicity of the Strengths based Revolution

During this webinar interview with Catherine of MBA World, I explore the reasons why the [...]

The Secret Rules of Engagement

How we ensure that employees are encouraged to do their best every day is Employee [...]

The Leadership Void

I had the privilege of being invited to compere a really important and well thought [...]

Reputations Don’t Die – People Destroy Them

The Falling Of Oxfam? Oxfam has fought hard to make so many disadvantaged people’s lives [...]

Good Receptions Create Strong Connections

I had just arrived at the ‘Gherkin’ building in the City of London. I was [...]

The Unwelcome Reception

Some years ago, I was invited to give a leadership talk at Marks and Spencer [...]

Nothing Beats a Warm Reception

The Home Advantage Before accepting any assignment, we always endeavour to spend 30 minutes in [...]

Facing Down Your Boss

Cyril Ramaphosa’s Challenge – The Real Work Starts Now You really have to want to [...]

Ramaphosa’s Modern And Contemporary Leadership

Our Youngers and Betters (Part 4) Maybe, ‘born free’ of the past is precisely what [...]