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Spike Chats #5 – Elham Fardad

Rene chats to Elham Fardad, the founder of Migrant Leaders, a charity designed to elevate [...]

Spike Chats #4 – Steph Wicken

Steph is a young ambitious women who’s journey has taken many twists all at the [...]

Talent – How to Have it and How to Keep it

It’s Harder Now than it’s Ever Been There are a huge and growing number of [...]

Innovation for Continuation

Planning for the Future I had the privilege of being the host, compere and MC [...]

DSSB – Blame Helps No One


Spike Chats #3 – Shalimar Adorno

Rene talks to Shalimar, one of his mentees, who has such an inspirational story. She [...]

Spike Chats #2 – Ashley Theophane

Rene talks to Ashley about his journey from London poverty stricken backstreets to a World [...]

Destination Johannesburg

Retreating from the chaos Sometimes it takes a serious and vital deadline to bring the [...]

Spike Chats #1 – Paul Kearney

Rene chats to Paul Kearney in our first Spike Chats Episode. Paul was a former [...]