Diversity Speaker René Carayol

Given René’s many years of experience in the C-Suite and executive coaching on cultural change, René has continued to prove why he is one of the world’s most successful diversity speakers. Recognising that “Diversity is Numbers, Inclusion is Heart”, René encourages us to look beyond the data and measurements to see what the state of Inclusion really is. He encourages us to walk in the shoes of others, and ask ourselves: How do you make others feel? As a Diversity speaker, René is optimistic about the future. Our diversity is powerful and drives creativity, innovation and results. In fact, businesses with diverse teams benefit from a 34% uplift to their ‘bottom line’. When everyone in these diverse teams feel like they belong, that’s when Inclusion is really happening.

Diversity Workshop

The Diversity Workshop has been carefully programmed to create an engaging, authentic and emotional experience. Through the power of storytelling, René illustrates the true power of diversity. As René shares real stories to bring light to people’s lived experiences, stories and their different perspectives, the audience start to walk in the shoes of others. Our individual differences create magic when we come together. In fact, businesses with diverse teams benefit from a 34% uplift to their ‘bottom line’. At René’s Diversity and Inclusion Workshop, you will be able to gain pragmatic and practical tips on how to capitalise upon this with your teams, by also covering areas such as transparency, communications and psychological safety for all. It’s time for everybody in – nobody out.

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