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Spike Stories – What does Britain Want in a Political Leader [Podcast Episode 09]

Today we are going to answer that perennial question – what does Britain want in [...]

The Nasty Leader – Podcast (Episode 08)

This week I’m talking about teams. The recently published book, Betting The House: The Inside [...]

The Sack Race – Podcast (Episode 07)

Getting Sacked. Frank De Boer was sacked as the coach of Premier League football club, [...]

The Only Way is Ethics [Podcast Episode 06]

We were always taught that Public Relations (PR) was the “the truth told well”. The [...]

I’m Getting Myself Out of My Way [Podcast Episode 05]

My daughter and I were looking forward to watching the climax of the World Athletics [...]

Survivor [Podcast Episode 04]

“How bad have sales got to get before you consider resigning?” was the sharpest of [...]

Get Emotional – Get Engaged [Podcast Episode 03]

I’m answering the question ‘how do our leaders communicate better’ and more effectively with their [...]

Girls Get Spike Best [Podcast Episode 02]

I had agreed to deliver a ten-minute address taken from my new book, Spike, to [...]

Why Mothers are Today’s Best Leaders Podcast [Episode 01]

This podcast is about the best contemporary leaders today. Beyond any research, beyond any data. [...]