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Spike Stories Episode 19 – Engagement The 2018 World Cup

Listen to my podcast about how Gareth Southgate has reinvented his role as England manager [...]

Spike Stories Episode 16 – Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

Listen to my podcast about how politicians and media have used the FUD Factor to [...]

Spike Stories – Empowering Engagement [Episode 18]

This podcast is about empowering engagement. 

Spike Stories – The Chief Engagement Officer [Episode 17]

The days of the aloof but brilliant CEO, spending most of their time in long [...]

Spike Stories – Collaboration is the New Leadership [Episode 15]

Business has become far too fast moving and markets are so much more unforgiving that [...]

Spike Stories – Reputations Don’t Die [Episode 14]

People Destroy Them The Falling Of Oxfam? Oxfam has fought hard to make so many [...]

Spike Stories – Nothing Beats a Warm Reception [Episode 13]

The Home Advantage Before accepting any assignment, we always endeavour to spend 30 minutes in [...]

Spike Stories – Work Smarter, Not Harder [Podcast Episode 12]

During a recent heated debate about annual leave with the executives of one of France’s [...]

Spike Stories – Leadership is an Art Not a Skill [Podcast Episode 11]

Despite it being 20 years ago, the sudden and tragic death of Princess Diana came [...]

Spike Stories – Leaders Never Stop Practicing [Podcast Episode 10]

For someone who had won everything and more that Formula One had to offer, there [...]