SPIKE is Here!

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Over the last few months, I’ve been planting my “SPIKE” seeds wherever I go around the globe, whether it be in schools, SMEs, large corporations, with entrepreneurs, MBA students and now I’m starting to hear quiet rumbles ‘what is Spike, who is Spike, where can I find these Spikes?’

Well The Answer Is Now Here!

I’m very honoured to announce that my book SPIKE has been published today and will be available on the shelves of your book stores and online via Amazon, where you can find out what YOU are great at!

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The product of 30 years of supporting the growth and development of thousands of individuals and organisations globally, the book brings together a proven formula for personal and business development.

The vital and essential ingredient of SPIKE is that everyone has at least one inherent strength.

Finding those sometimes hidden strengths and energies, and then mobilising them for your and other’s benefit, is the ultimate aim of this inspiring book.

The New Book – SPIKE Available on Amazon

What Are You Great At?

“René brings this alive and real with his inimitable ability to tell simple and compelling stories” – Alison Kervin – Sports Editor, Mail on Sunday

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